Incident Command System (ICS) Consultancy Service

We offer Incident Command System (ICS) Guidance, Training and Emergency Management System Deployment in Organisations.

ICS is an internationally recognized incident management system that allows Governments, Corporations and First responders to work together at emergency incidents regardless of the complexity and size.

The system has evolved over 35 years of practical application and is now considered ‘best practice’ across North America. Endorsed by the Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada and the US, it has been used at all recent major emergencies throughout North America.

This service is provided by training or consultancy or both for organisations of all sizes. Trainings involve 4 levels with simulation excercises (except ICS-100) to help participants to understand the principles to apply confidently when the incident occur.

Consultancy support service is provided to design Emergency Plan and Crisis Management Plan for any work setting. Emergency preparedness has always paid its value by mitigating the damage to people, property and environment globally.

  • ICS-100 Introduction to the Incident Command System.
  • ICS-200 Focus on standard processes and responsibilities.
  • ICS-300 Cover supervisory role within ICS during an incident.
  • ICS-400 For commander at large scale multi-agency incidents.

When you complete the scope of work below, please clearly mention which specific area of training or consultancy or both you are looking for, preferred geographic location, for example your current country of operation and branches, and how soon you want to implement the project.

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